Surprise! It's Honey!

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DISCLAIMER:  I do NOT recommend putting a honey card through the mail, not even ‘hand cancelled’. I assume this would be better handed to the recipient.

I was inspired by my friend Theresa to make a “water" card.  I posted my first attempt yesterday but here’s a reminder. For my first one I made a few mistakes.
I didn’t have any hair gel, I only had lidocaine “pain relieving gel” for sunburns.  Obviously, you don't give a card that could potentially hurt little ones so I won’t give this one away. Then by putting it ON a blue background, you can’t even tell there’s gel in there.  So, I decided to try again.  In these weird quarantine times, you can’t just go out and buy hair gel, so my friend Shelly suggested honey.  Same consistency, so sure, why not?

Here’s the finished honey card.  There are a few things I’d do differently (again) but I’ll mention them as we go along.  You can always color the hair gel with your choice of dye.

If you haven’t seen the stamp set, I’ve used it quite often and it’s definitely worth picking up from Spellbinders/FSJ- Hey Honey, SS-0356.  Also, I knew I wanted to use the Spellbinders/FSJ Hexi Strip die DI-0265 somehow. 

I played with the layout, the die, the front and the bag for the honey.
The Hexi Strip was too big to cut out normally, so I decided upon piecing it together.  (This was the hardest part.)  


Once I had figured out the “pattern” of the Hexi strip and the placement on the card front, I flipped it over and traced the cut out.  [TIP: Trace the inside of the cutout because you’ll need something for the strip to lay on/adhere to.  Or leave an 1/8th inch border "inside" your pattern and trim it later.]  I cut all the extra paper that hung over the opening of the strip and carefully glued the strip to the card front. 


 It was at this point I remembered I’d need to use foam tape!!  (Here’s where I would have done things differently.)  I laid out my bag and put down the foam tape before I went further.  Left to right, the bag was too long and top to bottom the strip opening was too wide to turn the bag sideways.  Next time I’ll plan better foam tape/bag placement.


I added a very thin layer of honey in the bag.  THIN is an understatement.  There’s just enough honey in there to not make it rounded when it lays flat.  If you think you’ve got just enough, it’s probably already too much.  Go easy with the liquid inside a bag, you can always add more.  ALSO, make sure you’re using a strong bag with a good closure, you don’t want a sticky mess everywhere.


Because the bag was larger than the card front, I had to manipulate it a bit.  I put some foam tape over the bag to keep most of the honey down towards the open strip area.  The edge of the bag had to be folded over and didn’t hide very well, (more issues with placement of the bag, but … next time, right? And now you’ve been warned so you’ll be looking out for a better bag/opening placement.)  I secured the bag with tape and folded the edge, taping it out of the way as best I could!

I adhered the front panel to a cream colored card base (so you could see the color of the honey through it).  You can barely see the edge of the bag through the honey on the front side so I positioned my bee to distract the eye.  But, the card is finished.


Leave a comment or let me know on IG if you'll  try a "water" card for yourself!




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  • Samantha

    This is so cool!!! I have some ancient hair gel. You have inspired me to try making a card with it!

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