Robots in space!

This is just a quick blog to get back in the game!  It feels like all my creativity shut down when the nation shut down.  I had just started blogging in April and then, fell out of it.  This is a simple little card, but it combines stamp sets.  Often, I have an A-ha! moment and then think of ways to use things together to make it work. 

I received the circuits stencil from Kindred Stamps and had the immediate thought of this ‘bad guy’ spaceship. I used a ruler and image search on the internet to get the ship as close as possible.  I was going to heat emboss so I tried to use clear embossing fluid and a brush- but it leaked under the stencil – so that didn’t work.  I tried colored pencils, but they didn’t give me the bright looking green I wanted.  I ended up choosing a bright green gel pen and it looked great!

Knowing that I wanted to use the captain from the Next Space Explorers I wondered how I could make the robotic face additions to him. Now, I can’t draw to save my life so, that’s out.
Then I remembered another stamp set, which is unfortunately retired.  The robotic enhanced guy from Justice is Served set would work. Unfortunately, the robotic side was opposite of what I needed. So, now I had to reverse stamp (which is not my favorite), but once it was done, the heads were different sizes.  Poor Captain, I had to decapitate you, but it turned out really nice.  Now, if you can draw the robotic parts on the Captain, it would work just as well.

The background was a night sky I had made previously.

And the sentiment is from my computer.  Put it all together and that's it!
A little paper piecing made the card work with the different heads and it's complete!

Thanks for checking this out!


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