Easy Peasy Box Cards

If you've seen my Instagram feed lately, I've become addicted to making box cards and I can't seem to stop!!  Recently, I was asked if they're difficult and they're not {once you get the hang of them and know some secrets!}  And I know the secrets!!

Let's see a picture of our finished box.

Cute, right?  This one is super simple, only four characters and one sentiment (but they can be as complex as you want to make them). There are many patterns for card boxes out there, (including ones made on Cricuts and other electric machines) but I’m giving directions for boxes like this one from Spellbinders. Personally, I like to make the box out of sturdy weight paper, and then decorate the panels with my patterned paper.  Also, I would recommend the first trial of this as a practice box-  without the best paper you own, or the characters you spent 3 hours coloring.

Now, onto making the box!

First, you’ll want to cut out your panels with your die cut machine. To measure where I wanted my patterned paper to lie/fit into the space, I made an extra panel template and cut off the folding tab, and then the same side side, 1/8th in. from the edge.  I use this template to measure and cut all the patterned paper (marking it on my guillotine to measure them all the same).

For the tall back panel, I use the wrong side of the panel to apply my patterned paper to. To me, it makes the box easier to put together but your final box will have a “closing tab” visible on the back, (it seems to keep the inside of the box visually cleaner.)  By putting the panel together like this, you have the first closing tab on the right.  Take that tab and bend it towards you, or up.

If you haven’t already, this is the time to lay out your ideas, characters, sentiments, and plan where they’ll go.  There’s lots of empty space to choose from.  This particular box I decided to only use the tops of the flaps, but you’d have another 3 panels underneath the flaps, and three more taller panels at the bottom. I colored my characters, decided which sentiment to use and made all those pieces before I went further on the box. 

For reference and the following instructions, I consider the tall back panel number one and continue clockwise from there.  Looking at the other three panels, I fold them all the same.  Keeping the tab on the right, fold it towards you and the top part of the panel away from you at the fold point.

Adding the patterned paper to the back top side of the fold may seem odd.  On my die cutting platform, my plastic plates are *covered* in cuts so they leave the underside of any die cut looking weird.  BUT!! You're going to cover this with patterned paper so they'll never even notice!! (hee hee) 

You can add your characters and sentiments to the patterned paper before you put it on the panels or after.  It's purely preference, but I usually do mine after.  Putting the tab on the left, cover the bottom tall panel, then fold the top panel down towards you, and cover that.


Now I put on my characters, sentiments and anything that goes on the outside of the box.  I lay them out so I can test the visual before I put it together.  (Adding an inside item/character is not included in this tutorial, I will do a followup post on the inside of the box later.)


Now comes the hard part- assembly. 
I have labeled the panels and the tabs 1-4. (Four has the asterisk).  Looking at the panels as they are laid out, you'll apply the adhesive to the underside of the flap so it overlaps the inside of the next panel (only for panels 1-3).  Just line up and stick together panels 1-3, then we'll deal with number four.

Line up panel number four (sheep) to the left side of panel number one (pig).  Apply your adhesive to the top side of the tab.  Wrap the tab around the back of panel one and adhere. It should end up looking like this...

We're so close!! I hope you're still with me!  This part can be tricky if your box isn't fairly even at the adhesive points but it will still work.  Laying it all out on your table, it goes panel four, one, two and three.  Fold towards you at the hinge between panel two and three. Then fold towards you at the hinge between panel one and four.  Meet the edge of panel four to the tab of panel three and adhere!!

We've done it!  It's a box!!  Fold down your cute panels (2,3,4) and make the box square and it's ready for display!!


I hope this was an informative first blog entry.  Let me know if this works for you and tag me on your finished pictures so I can admire them! 
Have a good week, share your toys (but keep them clean) and be good to each other! <3 Nikki


  • Coy Koi Crafting

    This is so cute and such a well written, detailed tutorial. I love the different patterned papers that you used and the advice to make a practice box first is really good.

  • Erica Paar

    Love love love this. I am so going to try it. Thanks for the inspiration and direction. ❤

  • Jennifer Gross

    What a cute box card! I love the thought you put into the paper for each farm animal. You make it seem super easy to assemble. Thanks for sharing!

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