Easy Peasy Box Cards Vol. 2

Adding Insides to a Box Card:

This is a simple follow up to my earlier blog about box cards.  This particular box has one cross bar in the middle of the box.  If you haven’t seen my previous blog, then you might want a refresher first.  This post will be a lot less detailed. 

This is the finished box… cute isn’t it?

Same basic steps as last time…Cut out base panels, cut out characters and patterned paper panels, affix to base panels.


Then adhere the panels to each other, the back panel (1) to 2, 2 to 3, and 4 to the back panel or 1, as referenced in my other blog post

This particular box comes with a rectangle die that is the bar in the middle of the box. Cut one or however many of the center bars that you’ll put in your box. Apply your character to it and measure about where you'll want it to sit when you're looking at the box from the front.


The easiest way I’ve found to attach the center character is to apply tape adhesive to both sides of the character bar, but only adhere one side to panel 2 at first.


Keep that bar laying flat and then fold the panels together so that the second side of the center bar will hit panel 4.  (Folding between 1 and 2). Make sure you take off the tape on the other end of the bar. The picture probably shows it off better than I can explain.  (Also, ignore the backside of the character bear, it was a mistake)

The center will be attached to the panels 2 and 4 but the box won’t be fully closed yet, so now is the time to attach panel 4 to panel 3 by affixing the tab.

She's a beaut!  (This picture shows where the bear sits in relation to the other bears.)

I'm hoping to see many of your boxes on the feeds!! (I've made quite a few so far and will be posting a bunch, coming soon!!)


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